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Community Design Workshop

  Moon & Stars
DATE | August 17, 2013
LOCATION | Goldie Maple Academy
FUNDING BY | The Surdna Foundation

On Saturday, August 17th, residents of Edgemere, Arverne, and other Rockaway neighborhoods met with the four FAR ROC design competition finalist teams in a Community Design Workshop funded by the Surdna Foundation to provide feedback on each of the unique proposals for the future development at Arverne East. Break out sessions focused on housing, commercial and economic development, recreation, and nature preserve areas for the 80+ acre site between Beach 56th Place and Beach 32nd Street.

Residents Sketch Proposals
photo by: Daniella Zalcman

Perhaps most significant, however, were the ideas developed in tandem by neighborhood residents and the competition finalist teams regarding possible interim uses for the Arverne East site. While permanent development will still take time on this site that has been sitting vacant for more than half a century, there is a potential opportunity for local residents to activate the spaces on and around the site in the immediate future. Several of the ideas proposed at the workshop are included below, and we encourage residents with additional ideas or proposals to submit them using the Feedback Form at the end of this page.

Food Fest

Food Fest Scheme
This proposal includes a “Food Fest” along Rockaway Beach Boulevard, an Urban Camping site near Beach 46th Street, and volleyball and basketball courts with sponsored tournaments.

Stars & Towers

Stars & Towers
A proposed view tower for star gazing, sea gazing, and bird gazing.


Bike and Ski Trail Scheme
The “Ski-Bike” proposal focuses on the creation of a cross country ski trail in the winter time and bike trail in the summer time that weaves through the site. The trail would be marked with some simple but readily visible markers, then self created and groomed through repetitive use. Food trucks would be located at opportune locations along the route, with a warming station in the winter time. Winter use might also include a skating rink, to be prepared over the existing asphalt parking area.

Bike and Ski Trail Scheme
Another iteration of the “Ski-Bike” scheme.

Biking the A
Some proposals were as simple as marking off safe biking areas beneath the A-train trestle.

Farmers Market & Dome

Farmers Market & Dome
Members of the neighborhood recommended the possibility of bring the MOMA VW Dome 2 back to the Rockaways, as a central focus for community activity at Arverne East. Additionally, the Rockaway Youth Task Force proposed relocating their farmers market to the asphalt pad at Beach 53rd Street.


Use the form below to provide your own ideas regarding potential interim uses at Arverne East, or to provide feedback on the finalists’ design proposals. Ideas submitted prior to September 20, 2013, will be shared with the four finalist teams for consideration as they prepare their Phase II proposals. Also, please feel free to check out our Privacy Policy regarding how we use and protect any information that you submit through the FAR ROC competition website.

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